Born in 1969 – Escape to USA – Some Advice

Although relocating may be challenging, it might appear that the USA as well as the UK are similar because you can get?

Well, in some facets yes. The language is exactly the same, the degree is the same as well as pretty much exactly the same, the people look and dress.
There are nevertheless, some important differences that may leave a starter feeling lost. Thus, in a effort to assist others, here are my 5 key strategies for beginners to the United States.

1. Sort Out Your Credit
The primary action to take is get a bank account and submit an application to get a ‘secured credit card’. Then it must be used by you. It’s not possible to if you don’t use credit establish credit.

You need to use of your credit limit each month, ensuring your payments are on time. 6 months of you and this can get a store card. Another 6 months of you and cautious shop card spending can eventually get a bank card that is real.

2. Learn how to drive
The roads laws are often just like with one crucial difference, but in Great Britain. You will drive on the other side! You should make an effort to get used to this when possible. You need to practice together before seeking professional tuition knowing somebody who’s ready to assist you. Something in your favor is the real driving tests are not a lot more difficult than in Great Britain!

3. Socialize
Your first year in a new position its finest to take a societal environment when potential to give yourself the opportunity to make new pals and could be quite depressing.

4. Learn how to spell the manner that is American
You might have noticed I spelled socialize using a ‘z’ and party favor ‘u’. Small matters such as this must be learnt at some point in case you would like to incorporate. You might also learn this earlier as opposed to after.

5: American TV is just Different
You may get upset initially, when watching your favorite show or a complicated crime drama – but I’m afraid that’s how TV works in most countries and especially the USA. But fear not, there is some hope and you can watch the BBC in the US by using the internet – check this site –

6. Understand which words are not same here
It is not difficult just as if you’ll in the old country to talk to folks but this can result in empty looks and catastrophic fish n’ chips orders! It is happened many a time where I emotionally reviewed what I recently said, seen the look and have talked to someone. I get a completely different answer and will then rephrase the sentence somewhat.

Example – You:”Excuse me, are you in the queue?” Response:”Erm… the Q??”
Correction – “Excuse me, are you in the line?” Response:”No I’m just waiting on the side, you go right ahead”

But enjoy, it’s a fantastic place, with wonderful people and I can’t think of a better place for a new start than the US. If you want some more information on the IP address changing, watching BBC abroad stuff there’s a great video here.


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Born in 1982 – Is Unemployment Down Forever

When I came into this world in 1982, there was a record high and not a particularly pleasant one. The UK jobless figures were at an all time high at least in post war records, and that year recorded the single highest rise in unemployment in UK history. In a spooky connection to my future career, it was also the year that the first computer virus was released and infected an Apple II computer.

Yes, surprisingly the Apple was the home of the first virus – it was called the Elk Cloner and was written by a 15 year old, Rich Skrenta who designed it to spread using floppy disks. It seemed innocent and intriguing at the time, but little did we know the havoc that would be spread in the future by such simple pieces of code.

But the focus of this post is unemployment or perhaps the improvement in the figures. This month showed the figure dropping below 2 million with many more people now in work in comparison to the recent low in 2011 primarily caused by the recession and Government austerity measures. It’s good news, but in some senses there are still some worrying trends.

In my sector (technology) unemployment is currently not a huge issue for most people with some experience and skills. There are lots of jobs out there, although the salaries are not quite as high as they used to be. The difficulty is that most jobs need a decent amount of experience and for those who don’t have it, it’s difficult to get started. It’s of course young people who suffer from these requirements, the IT sector is only partially populated with computer science graduates with relevant technologies to fit into their CV. Many others seek employment from other academic backgrounds including arts.

This is where the problems begin, with large amounts of well educated graduates looking to find employment in sectors that thy have no relevant experience in. Many graduates with humanities degrees find themselves at a severe disadvantage when applying to technology starter roles simply because employers look first for experience and then for science and numerical skills. It can be extremely disheartening for young people with a great education and a high level of debt associated with that.

As I mentioned I work in IT and the people in the higher positions often don’t have great computer degrees, in fact it almost seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Yet the young people now don’t get a look in without qualifications that dwarf those of their employers. It’s difficult to see the value to society of educating young people for several years then filing them away in low skilled jobs which they could have easily done without further education. Many drift off and find new careers of course, arts graduates creating computer based sites like this are not that unusual.

Of course this creates even bigger issues for those who have less educational qualifications, because the roles they might have targeted are now being filled by graduates. Their choices seem even starker, although a promotion of less academic and more practical education may help redress this issue.

Although the statistics look better for the economy now than in 1982, I’m not completely convinced that the world is an easier place to find gainful employment particularly for the young people.

James Herriot
Channel 4 Online


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Born in 1969 and Getting Organized

As I get older, I notice that I “putter” about my house a LOT more.  I have actually put thought into ways that I can get organized.  What the heck is wrong with me?

Some people seem to have a gift for getting and staying organized. Others struggle constantly with keeping their homes from becoming consumed with the clutter dragged in by family members. 

The size of your home does not really matter. Those with a tendency to collect clutter can fill almost any space. The key is to make a conscious effort to get things cleaned up and then maintain the organization. 

Perhaps the best place to start is to develop an understanding of why being organized can benefit you as a homeowner. Think of how much time is wasted every time you must spend time hunting for some missing item that you know you own. In an organized home, this is seldom a problem. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its proper place. 

So how does one go about getting organized and then manage to stay that way? A good place to start is getting rid of all unnecessary items. Anything that is simply taking up space with no good purpose should be removed from the house. We all have items like this, and an afternoon putting together boxes for the local charity donation center can go a long way toward getting rid of the clutter in your home. 

Once you have some room to work, use some of the many organizational aids that are available to homeowners. Spending a bit of cash on closet organizers, large plastic storage bins, and even garage storage systems can make staying organized much less of a burden as you go forward. Be sure to label any storage bins that you use so that you do not have to spend time later opening each one searching for the things you need. Also, try to maintain some type of system that you will be able to remember and understand when the time comes to look for things. 

Finally, once you do have things under control, do what it takes to maintain your home organization. Cleaning and de-cluttering once every week or two is much easier than your initial clean up will be. Once you realize how great it feels to be organized and to live in a neat house, you will never want to go back to living in a cluttered mess again.


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Born In 1980: I Should Get Started Investing

I don’t know what I am going to do to save money even though I know it is important. I’m 34 years old now and hardly have $5,000 to my name. I do have a job and I guess I’m lucky to have that even though it doesn’t pay that much. I know lots of people that are worse off than I am so I shouldn’t complain. 

In my 20’s I never thought anything about saving or retirement. I’m sure a lot of others in that age group are the same way. But now that I’m solidly in my 30’s I am starting to think about things I never thought about before. One of them is saving and investing for my retirement. 

It is scary to go online and read about all the financial trouble people are in. Social Security isn’t a guarantee for someone my age because by the time I’m ready to get it they might have pushed the age back to 75 or higher or the program might be bankrupt and I get nothing. That means if I want to have money to live on when I get older I’d better start doing something about it now. 

I poked around the Internet and tried to get started learning about the stock market. That scares me too as I know my parents lost a lot of money during the Dot Com bubble back over 10 years ago. I hate to think about losing the money I am able to save but there aren’t any alternatives other than stocks that I can see. Right now bank interest pays almost nothing and is pretty much a waste of time – not much different than putting my money under my mattress.  

As I said, I know little about investing but I found a site about buying stocks at a young age. I’m not exactly “young” anymore but it says that the longer time horizon you have, the smaller the chance that you will lose money. That makes sense only if you have the strong nerves to hold on to your stocks even when they are going down. I’m not sure I can do that but if I want to be successful at making money in stocks, I guess I should give it a try. One thing I know for sure: I need to get started right away because I am not getting any younger and I really don’t want to be working till I’m 75!


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A Note on Internet Privacy for Travellers

Well I’m finally getting to see all those countries that I’ve seen on the TV over the years. During this time the costs of living, mortgages and kids has ensured that watching on screen was as near as I got to most of them. However as you get older you slowly notice that there are slightly less calls on your income and that means more travelling for me and my better half.

The internet has certainly made going off on long holidays much more practical and affordable. Not only can you plan and pay for your trip as you go along but you definitely can find out many more options than those years gone by when you had to rely on a travel agent.

Taking some sort of internet connected device on your travels is essential in my opinion. Not only can you do some research when you’re travelling, but you can lookup things to do, places to visit and where to eat. Also if you need to book tickets or make reservations, it’s almost always easier to do this online. You can also take care of your affairs back at home, switch money around, pay bills and anything else you’d normally do when at home. It makes travelling for longer periods much more feasible.

You should be careful though about where you use the internet and for what function. There’s normally plenty of places which offer Free wifi, but it’s normally safer to use more established sources – perhaps airports, Hotels and international chains. When you use any wifi, the owner/administrator could potentially intercept your web traffic so be especially careful where you pay bills, home banking and sites similar to this.

It’s often a good idea to invest in some security program which can protect and encrypt your internet connection, which means you have to worry less about whose wifi you use. There are many of these, for example this video

There’s an added bonus with these sorts of programs too, they will normally allow you to access web sites that get restricted based on location. So you can watch Hulu on your laptop whilst sitting in a coffee shop in Manilla.


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Born in 1964: Half Century Looms

It is with some trepidation I face this year, simply because one of those milestones we all dread. It feels like only yesterday when those – ‘Life begins at 40’ birthday cards were arriving on the doorstep. Not sure what cards for 50 year old’s say but I’m guessing it won’t be quite as funny or indeed positive. But the fact remains merely reaching this age is something we should all be thankful for, there are still many countries in the world where the average life expectancy is in the 40’s. Imagine that, your life expectancy was a mere 4 decade, even places like Zimbabwe which I have visited only get to 48 years old on average. Incidentally a male wanting to stretch life out as long as possible would be well advised to move to Monaco where if you’re female you should reach 90 years old!

Imagine that the life expectancy varies by almost 50 years from the poor countries in Africa to a rich European principality. My fifty years would seem like near the end of the line in those African states, where as here in Europe I’m hoping for a few more decades at least. It does make you think, how this reduced life expectancy still exists in such an interconnected world. How can such vast discrepancies in standard of living still exist in the 21st century. We’ve all seen stockpiles of unused food being allowed to rot in European and American warehouses in order to support prices after periods of vast over production. Of course it’s not so simple to get that food or medicine to those in need, but these surpluses just don’t feel right on so many levels.

The world is probably on the whole a better place than when I made an entrance to be fair though. There does seem to be an increased awareness of other’s plights and in many an attempt to help. There are some things which worryingly still do not change. For me the ridiculous habit the human race has of killing and persecuting each other based on whether you believe in a particular deity has always seemed the worse. But the deaths and suffering caused by greed and avarice, is probably not that far behind.

One of the encouraging things for me is the virtual world and the ease of communication. When bad things happen, at least now we can find out about them – despots now have that fear of retribution, we can help people who are suffering when before we didn’t even know about it. When I travel which I do a lot now, I am still in touch with my home. My laptop and iPad are a lifeline to home even if I’m sitting in an Eastern European airport – I can watch BBC Iplayer overseas now for example! Wherever I go, I can keep in touch which means it’s much easier both emotionally and financially to travel.

John Greenhoff is a spritely 49 years old (just) and spends his time writing and travelling, with occasional video blogging too.
He also helps develop IP changing software – like this, for more information.


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Born in 1968: Remembering Silly 80s Fashions

Many young people who were only still a gleam in their parents’ eyes in the 80’s are now interested in adopting some of the fashion trends that their parents experienced in their own youth.  How strange is that?  They say that the only thing we can really depend on is change.  Styles change, values change, and fashions seem to go around in a never ending cycle of popularity. So, what are some of those trends that modern parents saw explode onto the fashion scene in those long ago days?

One popular fashion standard of the 80’s was the use of shoulder pads in clothing, sometimes to the point that the wearer took on the look of a middle linebacker.  Probably the greatest single influence in popularizing this look was the TV show “Dynasty”, in which powerful female characters sported the style.  As women came more and more to be accepted into the halls of business power, they sought to project an air of dominance well-suited to the employment of this device.

Perhaps not to be outdone by the ladies, men adopted the ’power suit’ look.  Narrower lapels and frequently pin stripes adorned such suits.  As the eighties got into full swing after the disastrous Carter years and America was restored to power and profit, men wanted to strut their stuff and make an impression of power and competence in the business world.  It was a time of soaring confidence and expectations, and this was reflected by the increased adoption of designer clothing, and people weren’t bashful about letting it be known that it wasn’t JC Penney who designed their outfit!

As a counterpoint to the power suit look, for dressy casual many men adopted a sort of “Miami Vice” look of an expensive sport coat over a T-shirt.  Those who could coupled this style with about a week’s growth of beard, and many women found this stubbly look irresistible.  Men also wore “Members Only” and “Izod” (alligator) shirts, with their collars turned up against God knows what threat to their necks. 

For women (and even a few really ’out there’ men, as I recall) leg warmers were a fashion staple.  These clingy garments really highlighted a nice pair of legs, especially when most of the rest of the legs were left exposed by a tiny mini-skirt.  Unfortunately, there was no regulatory program in place to ensure that these devices of sex appeal were worn only on nice legs, and many overstretched examples soon found their way to the trash.

A nice complement to the leg warmer look was the popularity of over-sized and torn sweatshirts.  Women discovered that a strategically placed rip in a nice sweatshirt gave them an aura of sexual appeal that men found irresistible.  Credit this look to the early 80’s movie sensation, “Flashdance”, starring the beautiful and sexy Jennifer Beals.  

How could we mention the 80’s without a nod to Madonna?  As she generated hit song after hit song, she was far from shy about promoting herself and her sexuality.  She was largely responsible for the trend toward wearing lingerie, including bras, for all to see in public.  Although this look was never so popular in the office or at Piggly Wiggly’s, it was a sensation on the club scene.  

The 80’s presented a mixed fashion bag.  As young moderns dip into that bag, one can only hope that they keep in mind that one day their own youngsters will see photos of them in their selections and be guided accordingly.


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My OCD is getting worse as I get older

It’s obvious to some degree that when you get older and start to age things do go wrong from time to time. I met this old lady the other day who had a cold sore on her lip and it made me wonder… maybe she could have herpes. I do suffer a bit with OCD so going near anything that may put me at risk puts me off and I do start to panic quite a lot.

I’m sure it wasn’t herpes but got me looking around to try and understand more about the disease and if I did catch this what we be the common symptons. I wanted to learn more about it and came across this video about how to get rid of herpes which I found quite interesting and knowing that their is a natural remedy to help with this problem my anxiety is now a lot better and I no longer have to panic about it.

I also found out that you can get herpes at any age, especially when you are older as your immune system is lower. So it’s important to stay healthy at all ages. No one will want to get herpes and it’s one of those illnesses where you wouldn’t want to share this with anyone else.


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My New Experience Using Beauty Product


Since I was little, my parents were so poor. I have five siblings and I am the oldest daughter. Because we were so poor, I did not even have the privilege to actually go to school. My job every morning was helping my mother selling used clothes in the market.

I was 33 years old now, have a faithful husband and beautiful children. We had been married for sixteen years, as soon as I turned seventeen my parents decided it was the right time to married. I am married to handsome and faithful husband. Even though I am uneducated, he loves me very much. He said that he loves me for who I am not what I am. Isn’t it so sweet? For my twentieth birthday he gave me a beauty product named Glutera care. This product is very famous for healthy and beauty care. It is safe for our body also.

For my whole life I never had the chance to feel any of beauty product, after use it for the first time, I love it immediately. And I love my husband for it.



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Born in 1966: To Travel

I was recently doing some travelling across the US, skirting around the Canadian border most of the time for no particular reason. Over the years I have learnt to travel light, it makes things so much easier – baggage on planes, hopping on buses and taxis. The slight inconvenience of not having the right footwear or shirt occasionally is well worth the sacrifice.

The only exception to my luggage restrictions is technology – a small laptop and an iPad will always accompany me, simply because the value I get from those is worth the weight. The technology solves problems for me, books tickets, check routes and entertains me in the evening or when I’m travelling from A to B. I feel in control when I have an internet connection, without it I feel a bit lost !

But as I sit in a small motel just 10 miles from the Canadian border, that the more technology seeks to open up our lives. There are companies, organisations and Governments who seek to close it up again. The ongoing revelations from that guy Snowden shows how much of our communication and online world is the subject of snooping and monitoring. The huge scale of the surveillance is unprecedented – and justified normally by the threat of terrorism.

Just think how many people are being monitored – a huge number potentially in billions worldwide. How many of us will be directly affected by terrorism, how many terrorists will be caught, how many lives saved? The reality is that the benefits are probably tiny, the spying, the lack of freedom substantially more.

But back to my hotel room, and the show I want to watch – an episode of Ice Truckers currently screening on the Canadian History channel. As mentioned I’m practically in Canada yet can I watch the show online? No I can’t – I can’t watch Canadian TV online because I don’t have the right IP address – i.e. a US one. Sure I can get access by doing this – , and changing my address. But why should I? Why are these boundaries being created on the internet – a global communication network designed to bring us all together. I leave you to ponder this thought – is segregation by IP address a healthy thing or simply a digital version of racism.


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Born in 1971: Into Non-League

Well to understand my title, you’ll have to be a football fan – that’s soccer fan if you’re in the US.  You’ll also have to understand the United Kingdom football league system which is no mean feat.   For everyone else, suffice it to say that there is an element of angst in my post, simply that I’ve ended up being passionate about a football team who simply aren’t very good.

Of course I’m not the only one, there are millions of us born into a hometown with that fatal combination.  That is a passion for sport and a home town who seriously under achieve in anything sporting.  I’m afraid the line – “it’s only a game”, or the equally annoying -“it doesn’t really matter” bring little solace to those in similar situations.

The camaraderie of long, pointless and depressing journeys to long, pointless towns who’s football teams inexplicably turn out to be better than yours doesn’t help.  In fact it makes it worse, the desire goes stronger, the bond grows greater but unfortunately the team still are rubbish.

You’d think I’d be relived when I moved abroad, but it doesn’t help – the yearning goes stronger.  You feel even more helpless, tinged with a sense of guilt, of desertion like abandoning a sick relative.  The internet helps in one way – just like my missus is happy to discover this Youtube video – about accessing ITV player abroad, to watch something as pointless as Coronation Street.  So it also gives you glimpses of the footballing disappointment you’d tried to escape.

So there you are living thousands of miles away from some pointless mid table game between two conference teams in the British football structure – non-league! It’s so unimportant that thousands who live two minutes away can’t be bothered to attend, but not you.  If you have the bug you’ll get up at 3:00 am and listen to a radio stream over the internet.   During the boring bits you’ll surf the net looking for TV streamed illegally from a Russian silo and find nothing.  Then after a few tired clicks you’ll home in on something like – a simple YouTube video but one that ultimately reconnected me with Match of the Day.

For anyone who loves football, and probably the only people who bothered reading this far – this is a very big deal indeed.  Now we just have to get back in the Football league so we’ve got a chance at being featured…….


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Wrap Up In A Sweater

It’s so miserable outside this time year. You wake up and it’s still dark outside. You go home after work and it’s dark outside. Fear not though as there’s one way of banishing Autumn blues aside so you can strut down the windiest of roads to your heart’s content.

Don’t be letting this grim time of year get you down when you can wrap yourself up in a traditional Irish sweater. Don’t waste your time getting a high street jumper that was built not to last. It’s the coldest time of year so why shouldn’t you get a fluffy jumper that will keep you warm all day long.

The best kinds to get are aran sweaters as they’re a traditional Irish knit that will last a lifetime. You can get them in any colour you like. We prefer to be kitted out in Aran cardigans that are perfect for wearing in work. 

But don’t jsut take our word for it, go now and have a look for your own sweater. We recommend taking a look at Aran Sweater Shop for the best jumpers online.


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New Home New Cat – My Life In Florida

Born in 1981
I was lucky enough to stay at the new place when I had to move from Philadelphia to Florida, staying at the time when I didn’t know someone else except my family was a truly special experience challenge me. I just did not know what to do and where to go so I preferred swimming in the pool every day, often multiple times a day. The pool and the grounds are very well maintained. I love my new house even I haven’t had a friend in my new surrounding and I didn’t know the neighbors nearby.  It is just a transition timed I thought, and I need to be accustom with my new life.

Knowing that moment, arriving work my father brought me a funny little cat and automatic cat feeder what an amazing gift I had, and I loved it. She is so adorable. Since that day she always accompanied my day.

Then I started to enter my school again, but fortunately no longer after that I had to be hospitalized.

Friends have visited me, each one bringing flowers. My life really has turned around due to living The Secret as a way of life. So thank you for bringing this power into my life, there are great things that are ahead I am so excited about it all.

It’s my birthday again, and as usual, I don’t have a clue what would be the best thing to ask my God for, this is the best thing in my life God always give me having the ones who care and love me tenderly.


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Life Begins at Forty

People said, for men life begins at forty. I am forty years old now. Have a beautiful wife and wonderful kids. Basically I am the happiest man in the world. I got the stable job for me and my wife to have perfect life. My kids already have job and leave the cage. My struggle time was over a long time ago.

I just had my forty birthday last week and I remember that phrase. Well, maybe it is true that man life begin at forty because I feel like my whole life is starting all over again with just my wife and our beloved dog. My life is as comfortable as our can which has the automatic pet feeder to help him get the better nutrition.


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Born in 1969: Gonna End My Days in the Sun

I was born sometime ago in the damp and cold of Cardiff.  For those of you who are not familiar with the capital of Wales – there’s one thing you should know and that’s it get’s very wet.  In fact over all the years I have lived there that will be my abiding memory – rain.  I’ll also remember the complete inability to accept this fact – from people trying to stage important five day test matches in Spring – guess what happened.  Stretching to the numerous times I’ve seen people try and bring Parisian cafe culture to the streets of Cardiff by putting tables out onto the street – where  they were almost always very wet and very empty.

Despite all this it’s a wonderful place, probably the most cosmpolitan in all of Wales full of friendly people and lots of characters.The citizens of Cardiff are on the whole warm hearted and generous, it’s full of great nightlife and restaurants.  Plus the city is on the edge of some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world.  However you can never quite get away from that weather and it’s why I decided long ago that when I started to get nearer to retirement I’d start to look for somewhere warmer to finish off my days.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not close to retiring yet, although it’s appearing on the radar.  What I didn’t want to experience though is that packing up when I was 60 and arriving in somewhere completely new for the first time.  Older people usually find it harder to adapt and I didn’t want the trauma when I get older.  My plan is to slowly assimilate myself into a place and see if it’s for me and my wife.  This is how I find  myself living in a small town on the coast of Turkey to basically see how I get on.   I am in the reasonable situation of doing the majority of my work online so basically location doesn’t matter much as far as that goes.

Our plan is to spend a year here and see how we fare.  Over the months we will compile a little checklist of pros and cons about the area and read it through at the end of our year.  At the moment it’s fairly positive with little problems being sorted and the only cons a few annoyances and things we miss a bit.  To be honest most of it is fairly trivial – missing baked beans is hardly a reason to change your retirement plans.  Other aspects have been more challenging, including missing out a lot on world news and events. Again something you don’t think you’ll miss until it’s happening to you but both my wife and I began to feel a little bit isolated because of it.

The problem was made worse because of language, the local TV stations all broadcast world news but we couldn’t understand it.  However I did find the solution to this small problem when I went to visit my daughter who is studying in Washington at  the moment.  In fact it was her who helped me by showing me how she managed to watch the BBC and Eastenders on her laptop whilst sitting in a Washington coffee shop, just like this video.  The answer it seems to watching most of the BBC and British Television lies in changing your IP address, by using something called a proxy server.   It was remarkably easy and I was able to watch UK TV in the US within minutes using this –  What’s more this method works from anywhere including our temporary home in Turkey.  Now I don’t know if this is the clincher but it’s amazing the impact it has on our lives here – simply being able to settle down to watch the news from the BBC!


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Birthday Blues

Turning 40 is not easy, you can’t help but look back and wonder if you have made the best of it. It is a bit on the pessimistic side of things but thse big birthdays tend to do that. 

I know that these days people say 40 is the new 30 or some other rubbish but you just have to get on with things and the wife threw a party that really made me grateful. 

Being a huge fan of music through she managed to get a hold of a DJ that played music to get everyone up from 80s cheesey pop to a bit of Northern Soul and it was a great night although the decision to come back to mine after was a bit of a bad one.

After parties are always good fun but waking up to the sheer destruction is a struggle. Just as well we knew where to look onine to get the help in cleaning the place and by the time they had finished it looked better than it normally does, click here to get the link to who we used.

Getting older is part of life and to be honest I am glad I grew up when I did because the music these days is rubbish and the fashion just tries to rip off the good old days.



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Born in 1980, The Story of my Cat


I was born at 1980. When I was 10 years old, my mother gave me a little kitten to take care of. I called her “Moony” because when she smiled his eyes made a shape of a half moon. I loved her very much. When Moony was 5 years old, she disappeared. I was so sad I looked for her around the house and door to door to my neighborhood, but I could not find her. What a nightmare I never expected this before. The next day I found her in the farm a couple miles from ours. I was wondering how she went there. The owner of the farm said that she was taking one of his kittens home. Apparently, his kitten was lost and Moony found him.

As I grew old, and so did Moony. We never separated again. Moony had three kittens and I took care of them together in my new apartment.  Three kitten with an automatic pet feeder for them. One day in the summer, Moony was missing again. It took her for almost a week to return home. She was dirty and hurt all over her body. I did not know what happened to her but I was so thankful that she was at least still okay. She is dead now but I think she got the chance to experience the best journey in her life. 


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Born in 1967: Were We the Techno Kids?

I remember quite clearly that my childhood was dominated by technology.  Sure it wasn’t the fantastic high tech world of today, but the dawn of mass produced computers and technology which was starting affect our lives. To be honest most of the  technology that wowed my generation now do little more than generate pitiful laughs or knowing smiles from my own kids.  For instance stick a 12 year old in front of the original Space Invaders or Pacman and they’re unlikely to stay interested for a few minutes, where as I would idle away many a lunch hour. holding off those space aliens.

There were however distinct advantages to being brought up in the world of Vic 20s, Commodore 64s and ZX81s and their rivals.  The main advantage was that you learnt while you played with this technology, as yet there was no shiny graphical interface to protect you from the technology stuff.   My friends and I used to spend shifts typing in the code for computer games which were published in Computer magazines.  Every line of code had to be inputted and if you made a mistake, then the game wouldn’t run.  Of course we all made mistakes and then spent hours searching through subroutines looking for an invalid call or a syntax error.

There was as yet no internet, and problems or mistakes had to be rectified using our own initiative or resources.  We even had to read manuals as they were literally the only accessible source of information on these computers, they were also substantially thicker than todays ’never read’, DVD based PDFs.  A small task on todays computer could be a major challenge on the first generation home PCs.  Installing a new driver for your monitor nowadays happens in the background, but ask those who struggled to install anything on Windows 3.0 and they will remember a very different experience.  Which version to use? What part of memory to use?  When to load the driver and how to unload it?

Anybody who used a PC in the 70s and 80s had to become something of a geek.  You simply couldn’t make these computers work without some technical knowledge and a certain amount of perseverance.  Nowadays the latest versions of Operating Systems mean no particular knowledge is required, the interface shields the user from the internal technology to a huge extent.  But this comes at a cost, most youngsters now have no idea how a computer works despite spending a huge proportion of their lives using them.  They spend hours on Facebook, Xboxes and Skype with no idea or desire to learn about the underlying technology.  My eldest son looked completely blank at me when I told him he could use a proxy server to access the US version of Netflix, his response was – could I do it for him.  So I sent him to this video to learn how to use change up address software =

It is a worry though, the more our lives depend on technology, the more we become distanced from it.  The way computers work will be left to a select few who learn how to code and understand how computers actually work, the rest of us won’t have a clue what’s going on.


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Calculating Loan Payments for my New Car

Born in 1981.

At the rip age of 32 years, I’ve finanlly decided to purchase my very first new car.  It was a pretty big financial decision that I made using the aid of a loan payment calculator from PaymentBot.

Whenever a consumer needs to borrow a loan or take out other forms of credit, they should b prepared with the information they will need rather than wait to be shocked later. Being prepared, especially early, is akin to being forewarned. There are various ways of doing this and understanding the process and procedure is important. Resources are now readily available on the online website PaymentBot. This is a website with lots of different financial calculators that members of the community need for their use, especially when getting loans. Thus it is important to ensure lots of great opportunities are readily available for the borrowers.

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It is therefore important to search for information first before embarking on the process of borrowing cash from the different lenders in the market. The resources readily available at PaymentBot can be used by practically all borrowers regardless of their personal circumstances. This is a website with lots of different financial calculators that members of the community need for their use, especially when getting loans. Thus it is important to ensure lots of great opportunities that can be useful to all sorts of consumers. This local site provides a website with lots of different financial calculators that members of the community need for their use, especially when getting access to credit. In the course of the process, he calculators may be used regularly.


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Born In 1967 – Old Enough to Decide Myself

When I am in the UK there is always a continual debate about internet censorship, filtering and stuff like that.  There seems to be some sort of belief that we’re all turned completely evil just by using  the internet.  To be honest I find the idea that the World Wide Web is going to turn people into child abusers, wife beaters or psychopathic killers rather far fetched.

The reality is that Governments are always looking for excuses to monitor and control what we do online.  Although they’ll cite such altruistic reasons like catching criminals and locking up terrorists, the reality is that Governments like to control.  The people we elect to run our countries like power, they believe they know what’s best for us which is why they became MPs in the first place.  Their ability to become elected does not however make them right though, it merely gives their opinion more weight.

For example many of the politicians in my area are very religious, and such their politics are influenced by their beliefs. But I’m not, not are my friends or my family or in fact many people I know.  We don’t want to live our lives based on someone else’s religion – whatever it happens to be.  As such I do not want my access to the internet controlled by people with fundamental beliefs that I simply don’t believe in.

Our governments should be secular, they work best like that – simply because control stays with the people not with the elected minority.  In Turkey my adopted second home, at the moment there are huge riots which are spreading across the major cities.  It started with a park in Istanbul but the real reason is that the government is attempting to impose it’s religious beliefs on the country.  Young Turks are being restricted from buying alcohol at certain times due to the Muslim beliefs of the Government.  It doesn’t matter whether you share these beliefs they are being imposed anyway.

The Islamisation of Turkey is a great worry to many of my Turkish friends.  Slowly control in all areas of their lives is being increased in an attempt to turn them into better Muslims.  The internet censorship and filtering increases every year – the now standard ’video is not available in your region is a message becoming much more familiar whilst browsing the web in Turkey – easy to dodge though –  The Republic is supposed to have a secular government, yet religious extremists are using their power to enforce their beliefs on everyone.

We simply should not give our Governments too much power over our lives, frankly they usually can’t be trusted with it!


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Moving Abroad

Born in 1979

I’m fed up with living in the United States-don’t you agree? We pay higher taxes, for less services than any other industrialized country.  Oh I guess we have a better and bigger military, sounds a lot like North Korea right?

I thought of the Czech Republic again the other day, you know after a bunch of people thought that the guys involved in the Boston bombings were from the Czech Republic since they didn’t know that Chechnya was.

Anyway, my wife and I have seriously considered moving there for a couple of reasons.  To start, she works at a high school and given that their schools are completely in English, we could move and she could do the same job there as she does here.

I work online, mainly in marketing for small start ups so I can really work from anywhere with an internet connection so I’m probably ready to go tomorrow!


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Travel, Travel and Travel Some More – Born in 1970

I recently had a realisation of how many places I haven’t been too.  Like many people I have a list of places I’d love to visit, I’m not talking about some morbid bucket list, just places that interest me.  So now I’m in my forties though and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, in fact it grows every year.  The problem of course is one many of us face, you have a family and suddenly travel becomes a lot more complicated (and expensive).  So for years that list tend to get put to one side as you travel to family friendly places that are easier to reach and more affordable.

I’m not alone but thanks to Facebook I noticed how better travelled some of my single friends are.  Someone sent around some application where you tick off the places you have been.  To my surprise some of my friends had been to some really far flung and exotic places which appear on my list but in reality I never expect to make it to!  But the worst was a realistion that some of my friends with families had taken them much further afield than I had.  Looking around their photo’s there were pictures of backpacking adventure with small toddlers in tow, strolling down the streets of African cities with babies strapped to their backs.

I realised that sometimes I just use my children as an excuse not to go somewhere.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  But in reality children are completely adaptable and in some senses are much better behaved outside  their comfort zone.  My most memorable holiday was with an impromptu, self booked holiday to Egypt with a four year old.  Where the lovel people of Luxor made such a fuss of my little son that he had a much better time than in DisneyLand!

So if you’re like me and you are always putting off these little adventures until the kids leave home, then perhaps it’s time to think again.  It’s much easier to organise stuff like this using the internet than it was twenty years ago.  A laptop or a tablet in your luggage can help you with organising activities and schedules that suit your children.  You can even use your computer when abroad to let them watch their favorite TV shows back at home – like this site suggests.

Kids make travelling so much more fun, sure it takes a little more organising, costs a bit more but the rewards are far higher.  Broadening your childs horizons when they’re younger has to be a good thing.  You’ll certainly remember the experience more than travelling alone!


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I Got A Bag On My 30 Years Old

There is surely no more exiting prospect than getting a present of your other half at birthday. And here’s a funny thing. Most men I know love vouchers and just aren’t that fussed about grand gestures or big surprises. Yet most women think vouchers don’t ’count’ as a real gift. So I hate if I always got shopping voucher on my birthday. But I couldn’t do any protest. My husband was a busy man with a rush hour in his daily life and I knew I should have big understanding in this situation.

But that was so totally big different on my 30 years birthday, when my husband came back with the marsala wine for cooking dinner, he also pulled out another surprise. I was a bit surprised by this. He pulled out a bag from the bulk section at the grocery store. I never expected this before, usually he only gave me a voucher and let me to buy everything I want. But that night he gave me the real thing, the real bag that I really wanted. It was a freaking moment. He quickly said, “Trust me, you’ll like them” as he opened the bag. I’m already on the path to having my happiest Birthday yet to know my husband gave his time visited only for getting a bag for me my wonderful husband had redeemed himself.


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Stunt Men

Is it just me or has the golden age of the stuntman died? I was brought up on the likes of Evil Knieval when young lads wanted to be astronauts, stuntmen or footballers, these days people want to be rappers or reality TV stars which is just awful. The good old days when a family would be sat around the TV waiting to see Mr Knievals latest death defying stunt seem to be long gone as the desensitized youth of today crave something else.

That was the reason I actually got into bikes and I have loved them ever since, I may not be a stunt driver but I like notn=hing more than getting the leathers on and going for a ride. I am like a kid on christmas day when I order new bike gear like motorcycle helmets and I can’t wait to get out in them.

I probably sound like an old man crowing on about the good old days but things really aren’t what they used to be. With computers, mobile technology and hundreds of TV channels to choose from the days of kids playing outside on a summer day, building ramps to try and catch some sweet jumps off appear to be a thing of the past, only time will tell as to where things will end up.



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My Slowing Metabolism As I Get Older

My slowing metabolism had never been quite as apparent as it is today, right now, at this very moment.  A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to be Prom Queen for Halloween this year.  The idea came to me as I was scavenging through my closet for my winter coat (but that is a completely unrelated story), and I saw my prom dress from 18 years ago hanging there.  It was twinkling at me, with the blue beads and silver sequins.  It was gorgeous then, but still pretty now. 

A few minutes ago, I thought I was going to just slip into my little prom dress, and lo and behold, it is SO TIGHT I can hardly breathe.  While I feel some satisfaction in knowing I can still get into my old prom dress, I know that I have suffered the effects of a slowing metabolism over the years.  When I was 17, I could eat Burger King and drink Coca Cola every single day, and never gain an ounce.  I stayed slim and trim and never thought twice about what I put into my mouth. 

Now, I am meticulous about what I eat; yet I find myself still struggling with my weight.  The only thing that seems to be my saving grace has been a good workout routine.  I found some highly recommended workouts at, which have helped me ward off some of the unwanted pounds.  While it isn’t the answer to my slowing metabolism, it will certainly help me stay as trim and healthy as possible.  While I can still squeeze into my prom dress, I know I want to work harder so that I am back to my high school figure, and I know I can find plenty of those workouts at that website.



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The Drink of a Generation

For many people there are certain drinks that they are not fond of and certain drinks that they love with some being seen as more manly and others more feminine but it has only been in recent years that Whisky has started to appeal to a younger market after being seen as a more seasoned drinkers drink for years.

The younger generations are now thinking a bit more about there drinks and tasting sessions are being frequented by a much more diverse audience than had been previously. 

Whisky as a drink offers so much more than just the well known effects of alcohol and it could be this factor that is seeing a rise in people enjoying it. Though it has always been a tremendously popular drink the younger audience now growing to appreciate the different brands and flavours will ensure an even stronger position in the future. Click here for more whisky info.

This shift in culture could also be down to a backlash against the binge drinking of cheap poor quality alcohol. It is better that the younger generation are actually taking the time to learn a bit more about what they are putting in their bodies and hopefully this interesting new trend will continue.



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Greenhouses for Those Born in the 70s


The 70s was a great time in history, and it was a tragic time as well. Some of the very first video games were created in the 1970s, disco had a huge break through, and music was at, according to some, its height. But one thing that was not thought about very much at all in the 70s was the earth itself. We made leaps and bounds in the fields of technology and science, and yet we thought very little about nature. If you want to rectify some of the things you may have had a hand in damaging in the past, then getting a greenhouse and starting a garden may be one of the best things you could hope to invest in.

Why Plants Are So Great

Why are plants so great for us, and for the earth? Well first off, the earth, before we paved it over and built titanic cities upon it, was teeming with plant life. Unfortunately, we have majorly damaged most of the plant life on earth, and made many parts of the earth barren, meaning that they are no longer able to give life to plants. But we have not killed off all the plant life. In fact, more and more people are starting to buy greenhouses, to start their own gardens.

What Plants Do

Plants take in many of the chemicals in the air that we ourselves can not handle in our bodies. They filter these chemicals out, and produce oxygen, which allows us all to breathe. More plants means more oxygen, and all though we are not at risk of running out of air any time soon, we are at risk of completely polluting ourselves, which could have lasting consequences for future generations.

How You Can Buy a Greenhouse

Greenhouses for sale are nearly everywhere. You can buy one on the internet, or you can buy one at a physical store. If you want to save money, you may want to keep an eye on classified ads, and check classified ads online, as many people tend to sell their greenhouses once they have upgraded to larger structures. No matter what, if you want a smaller size greenhouse, you should not have to pay anything over a thousand dollars, and usually you can find one for a much cheaper price than that.



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Covering the Web Design Cost of a Seventies Website

If you were in your teens during the 70s, there’s a very real possibility that you may be somewhat upset at how the media has portrayed that era in general. The mostly negative portrayal has led many of today’s youth to actually believe that it’s all bad—bad hair, bad clothes, bad movies, and bad music. Except the music of the 1970s—which for many of us who lived through those times tend to include the last years of the Sixties and the first years of the Eighties—wasn’t all bad. In fact, a lot of the music then was truly groundbreaking. Even some disco songs were rather catchy. You can prove all that by setting up your own website, if you have the budget to shoulder the web design cost.

Making the Music Available For Download

Many of those who lived through those times had vast collections of LP records, and if you are one of those then it may be your God-given duty to make it available to the ignorant masses. If you are setting up a website about 1970s music, you can ask your web designer about having your LP collection transformed into mp3 form and having them featured on your site. Better yet, you can perhaps just download them from the Internet if you can find them.

Selling Your LPs

However, setting up your own website may entail a pretty hefty web design cost, especially with the integration of various multimedia elements. But if you’ve already transferred your LPs into mp3 form, you can offset your expenses by turning your site into an ecommerce hub of 1970s music. You can sell your LPs to people who are either nostalgic about LPs, or to younger people who are fascinated by ancient technology. LPs have historical value along with their musical attributes, and by selling your LP you don’t just cover the web design cost but also help educate others about the wonders of the 1970s.


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Living At My Age

 If you were at my age you will understand what you should do. There are many shitty things about being a grownup. You have to make money. You have to do taxes. You have to show up for your bail hearings. It’s all really fucking annoying. It’s not bad tradeoff for all the other piddling crap you have to deal with. I know I was happy with the arrangement. But that is life that should be faces .So I’m not complaining. But you know what I am doing? I’m wishing. I’m wishing I had started build my home with her five years earlier than I did, so that maybe, by 40 my house will be much more beautiful with my kids that has grown well. Now I am happy with my life, and I just want to treasure my life, I have a happy family and a large dog but we don’t need to be worry to feed it because we have automatic dog feeder for large dogs so whenever we are having a trip on weekend he still get his meal.


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Choosing a New Career

Born in 1968

When you’re younger, there is normally one over riding criteria for choosing a job – money.   All the other aspects like holidays, location and job satisfaction are of course relevent but just don’t seem that important.  However as you get older this changes for most people.  For our parents generation, changing jobs wasn’t a very common problem but nowadays many of us change job every couple of years.

So how does the thought process work when you’re in your 40s and you need to find a new job.   Obviously it will vary greatly with your circumstances, for many who are unexpectedly made unemployed just finding any job when you’re older is a challenge.  For others who are luck to have marketable skills then what is the criteria for choosing a new job?

I change jobs frequently, partly because of the market I work in which has a lot of short term contracts.  Now I’m older I definitely don’t look at the salary first, when you’ve started to notice your clock ticking all time is precious and being stuck in a job you hate just because it pays for a slightly better holiday seems like a false economy.  For many people including myself self employment seems to offer more and more as I got older.

I’m a bit of a TV addict and I particularly enjoy watching TV from different countries.  My favorite nations TV after the UK is the US and found this site which explained how to get a US IP address –  It was while watching the adverts on an American channel called ABC that I noticed just how many Americans work in different roles on a self employed basis.  So many people set up and run businesses without a second thought.

It gave me the idea and I have been self employed for a couple of years now.  I also do a variety of part time and short term jobs when things are quiet.  I have skills that companies need and by being flexible they can pay me well for short term requirements like holiday cover.  The best bit for me is that my work never gets boring or routine.


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Alternative Health Care Takes Off

Born in 1981

woodstock was epicSo we’re not the hippy generation are we? I mean, our parents had Woodstock, Vietnam and more to protest.  What I am proud of though is that we’ve taken ourselves beyond all of that.  We’ve taken healthy living to the next level.  We spent time with friends and family.  We do Yoga.  We drink good locally made organic wine. We live more within our means than our parents.  We don’t believe in urban sprawl.  We’re patient and we accept responsibility for our communities and neighborhoods through community gardens and much more than simply neighborhood watch.

As a generation, I am awfully proud of much of what we’ve accomplished! Even if I am writing this after a couple of drinks, don’t you agree?


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Born in 1981

The biggest problem that people have when it comes to problems with their money is the fact that they rush in order to make decisions. When you are responsible for an important financial decision, you want to take the time to make sure that your decision is in your best interest. Most loans that people take out come with a high rate of interest, this results in years of payments that can be very difficult to afford. Instead of putting yourself in this situation without knowing what you are getting into, you may want to use an interest calculator that would help you to get a clear picture. When you are able to understand the overall cost of the money you are taking out, it would be easy to decide if it is worth it.

An interest calculator may seem like something that would not be very helpful if you have not used it before. However, it would allow you to have a look at any loans that are within your means. Also, you would be able to choose the loan that best fits your financial needs based on the amount of interest that you will pay in order to get this money. It is impossible for you to compare loans unless you know the interest that each will charge you. After you have this information, you would be able to simply focus on getting rid of your financial problems through selecting the cheapest loans that are available right away.


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Reminiscing about my Mother’s Cooking

Born 1977

When I was younger, I really enjoyed eating my mum’s cooking. Even now, there’s nothing quite like going back to see my parents and getting one of my ’favourites’ from when I was a boy. Of course, now that I’ve grown up myself, I’ve discovered all kinds of foods that my mum never used to make. Since I’m from the U.K, potatoes were a regular feature in the meals I had as a boy. We enjoyed all kinds of potatoes like, boiled, mashed and chips as well as dishes like Shepard’s Pie. All good stuff.

Now that I don’t live at home anymore, I’ve become accustomed to cooking my own foods. Sometimes I recreate dishes that are similar to what my mother used to make me. For instance, it’s really easy to make soups that don’t taste too dis-similar to my mum’s ones. To be fair, they don’t have quite the same ’home cooked’ feel to them. But I suppose that’s the price I pay for using stock cubes rather than making my own stock!

As a boy, the only time I remember eating rice was when my mum prepared a curry. It wouldn’t be until I went to university that I realized that an Indian curry was nothing like the version my mum made us! I like them both, but they’re totally different.

These days, I eat more rice than when I was a boy. For one thing, it’s pretty cheap. I’ve got a decent rice cooker too which means it’s really easy to make. All I have to do is turn the machine on and it takes care of business. Rice cookers are relatively environmentally friendly. The don’t use up too much energy – provided I don’t leave it on the ’keep warm’ setting all day. An article ( on My Lil Green Dress talks more about cooking rice using electricity.


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A Second Career Beckons

Born in 1967

When I was younger, like everyone I had a list of interesting sounding occupations I wanted to try.  Everything from Astronaut to surgeon to cowboy, unfortunately a combination of events meant I never really got close to trying any of these.  It is with then some regret I am now in my fourties and still am not sure ’what I’d like to do when I grow up’ !!

However there are some advantages when looking for a new career when you’re a  bit older.  There’s a little more financial stability hopefully but a bigger advantage is that you actually have some skills that can be useful to employers.  Sure there’s definitely some elements of ageism about, but in my experience it’s not quite as big a deal as is made out to be.  The days of long term careers and ’jobs for life’ are pretty much gone and employers are happy to employ people who can be productive straight away whatever their age.

I’m sure there are some avenues of course that are closed due to age, anything very physical could obviously be a problem.  However if you’ve been working in any area for twenty, thirty years there’s bound to be a whole host of skills you’ve picked up along the way.  For me I was lucky enough to work in computers, so skills in that area are often in demand.  But the real advantage was it gave me the opportunity to set up and run businesses online.  Although you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge it certainly helps in understanding DNS, FTP and how to create a website.

My latest adventure is a new site dealing in silver antiques, which I have just begun to create.  My skills in antiques are negligible however this venture is in partnership with an established silver dealer with many decades of experience.  This is the beauty of the internet, you don’t need to invest heavily in property and infrastructure to get started.  You can also use your skills to reach much bigger markets. 


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The First Generation of Real Medicine

Born in 1979

an opinion of free tradeIt isn’t just for Berkeley any more.  For so long many of us have considered alternative medicine like chiropractic care to be the realm of hippies and people too dumb to go to their regular job-no longer.

For example, my friend over the San Diego Chiropractor Directory (find it at has said many times that he think we’re all going to start living longer not only because we’re learning as a culture to make healthier choices, but we’re also open to different ideas from other cultures.

As it turns out, when societies have opened themselves up to other ideas over history, they have not only experienced a dramatic increase in their ability to give their people a good and higher quality of life, but they also have shown to live longer in the process.

Who doesn’t want to do that?


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Changing Holiday Fashions

As someone born in 1981 I am getting to grips with the fact that I might not be as hip or down with the kids as I used to be and one way I can tell that this is the case is because if I am on holiday and sunbathing and someone puts music on I look over the top of my book and tut. A sure sign that the ravages of old age have my scent and are pursueing me like a pack of blood thirsty wolves.

I now like to get a bit of peace and quiet and don’t even crave the sun. A bit of culture, some beautiful scenery and a chance to get the camera out. Gone are the days of partying every night I like to relax and actually get a break on my holidays. Follow this link to see the kind of places I like to go now, kick back with a good book and a drink in my hand and relax.

I love to get back from a holiday and tell stories about all the amazing things that I have seen and done opposed to saying how wasted I got and that I can barely remember anything. The main thing for me is that when I get back I am actually refreshed and raring to go when I used to need a holiday when I got back from my old holidays because I was so wiped out.

Growing up can be difficult and getting older is not easy, just tell my hairline, but there are some advantages to it and a better appreciation of history and culture is one of those.



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Change of Career

Born in 1969

There’s a tendency for many people I know to think they were born just at the wrong time.  The idea that you were just a bit too late to take part in some wonderful economic or social event.  I was born right after the 1960’s and couldn’t help feeling I’d missed out on one of the most fun decades.  Some people I know are annoyed that they missed out on the property boom arriving at a point in their lives when they needed a house to find a hugely inflated market full of overpriced houses.  

There’s no doubt that this event can change your llife somewhat – I have a friend to played the property market to perfection.  He bought right at the bottom, stretching himself with an absurdly huge mortage, ten years later this single decision made him an overnight millionaire as he sold his property and went off travelling.  I never knew what happened to him, but in reality there are always opportunities available to each and every one of us – the secret is to take advantage of them.

I am hoping I’ve just made one of those monumentous decisions myself, however time will tell whether it’s successful or not.  After a long career in IT Consultancy, I’ve quit my well paid job which rewarded me with a big salary.  Unfortunately in return it sapped the life out of me, working 12 hours a day and rarely spending any of my time with my family.  The reward was simply not enough, it wasn’t making me rich rather just able to afford more expensive ’stuff’ none of which was as valuable as my decreasing time left on this earth.  So I’ve begun to make a career from my own home using the one invention that I have grown up with – the Internet.

Of course I know later generations have truthfully been brought up using the internet, but our generation is different.  We have been brought up and seen the development, geeks of my ilk spent their earlier years connecting via telephones, 16.6k modems and even acoustic couplers.  If you want to see how we accessed the internet in the early years grab a copy of the cult film ’Wargames’ and see how they get online.  There is I hope the advantage, we understand more about the power and development of the internet.  We can understand the technology better, simply because we’ve seen it mature.  I know the advantages of having something as powerful as a suite of US and global proxy servers like this site –  With it I can from my office start a business using a UK, US or even a Canadian IP address without any problems at all.

Time will tell if my internet business provides me with a decent living with a reasonable quality of life.  But one thing I do know is I feel the internet is the ’opportunity of my generation’ and I’m hoping I can take advantage of that !


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Born in 1979-This Sucks

Born in 1979

my wine cellar

This sucks.

Medicare and Social Security are getting cut back to levels below what I actually pay in.  I mean, I think taking care of aging Baby Boomers is important, but why should I have a negative return on my investment?

I mean, if I am asked to do that, I will likely have to cut down on a couple of my various wine clubs which I wouldn’t want to do, after all, I’m more likely than my wife to become the old bitter neighborhood resident. Some wine every day might actually save me from that fait, but after all we are all going to be on set incomes at some point in the future-so why should I have to take a back seat to those people who are getting a good deal on their social security investments?

Does that make sense to anyone?  It personally makes me think voting Republican makes more sense as time goes on-


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Attaining Perfection

These days everything is attainable to quickly. If someone wants to see a fil they can go online and stream it, the same with music. Shopping can be carried out from the comfort of your own home with next day delivery often an option. The days of waiting for your favourite bands new single are a thing of the past and this has passed through to society.

Children in a hurry to grow up are being exposed to more and more music, entertainment and fashion that they shouldn’t see for years and there is also the effects that the media can have by portraying these rich, beautiful and more often than not slim celebrities as having the perfect body.

This can lead to people feeling inadequate and seeking quick fixes to long term problems and if money is not a question that can often lead to cosmetic surgery that somewhere down the line could be regretted. At the more reputable clinics people are made fully aware of what the procedure will entail and what the after effects and results will be like. 

Sometimes though a small surgical procedure could be the answer to an issue that may have caused problems in confidence throughout a lifetime. You can look at things like to see how they can help and in this respect these siimple procedures can actually help the person.

People looking for a quick fix are often people that are not aware of what the consequences will be and if something in life goes wrong they will not accept responsibility and try to pass the blame off elsewhere. If people started to take responsibility for their own actions maybe society would be a bit better and people would have a little bit more respect for one another.



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Self Cleaning Or Automatic Litter Box – How Does It Benefit Cat Owners?

What is your consideration before purchasing an automatic litter box? Do you need to read some top questions and a few basic automatic reviews before making your decision? What is one of the least favorite things about owning a cat? Taking care of the litter box, right? Nobody likes scooping, cleaning and refilling the box so can you imagine how nice it would be not to have to perform that particular things. People always think about the benefit they will get of buying something, especially for the lovely ones yeah their lovely pets.

Cat owners are always looking for ways to enhance the methods used to make life more comfortable for their pets. In the case of an automatic cat litter box, they may have wondered how a self cleaning or automatic litter box would benefit them or you can check automatic cat litter box for further information. .

If you are currently using the standard, plastic box, you certainly know how time consuming it can be when you have to clean out the litter box manually.Have you gotten your answer of how does automatic cat litter box can benefit you and your pets? You don’t require daily scooping or a lot of general maintenance which allows you to enjoy more free time with your pets. Here are some benefits you can by own the automatic cat litter box which may influence your consideration to grab it soon.

• Fully automatic cleaning

• The happy users really love it!

• Eliminates pet waste and litter from entering landfills and reduces clay litter strip mining demand

• Excellent noise performance

• Minimal recurring litter cost but recurring Sani Solution cost

• Hood available to reduce litter scatter

• Good for multiple cats but some large cats may feel the bowl is too small

The main thing the automatic cat litter box is designed to increase your satisfaction and comfortable in keeping your pet.


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My Mid-Life Crisis – Power Tools

Born in 1969:

When I entered my forties, I was lucky enough to be in a very well paid contract working for a pharmaceutical firm.  It was a very big IT rollout and was scheduled to take over two years, although it actually took three!  Most of the people there were new to the firm, all hired for the specific project and we all pretty much joined together.  There was lots of different people there, but I’d say the largest group by far were males in their 40’s.  We all worked away from home so lived over, staying in a myriad of rented flats, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.

It was a fun time, for me – normally working as a contractor you are the outside, everyone else worked there for years but not in this place.  It was like starting a new school, nobody knew anyone else so there was a chance to make new friends easily.  However one thing I noticed very early on that this age (40 something) combined with decent pay seemed to trigger the intense desire to waste huge amounts of cash on cars and motorbikes.  The car park was awash with Sports cars and Harley Davidson bikes.  Lunchtime would see an exodus of all the bikers for a fast burn around the countryside whilsts the car owners (worried about their parking spaces) would stand around admiring pain works and Trip computers.

This is where I felt left out, my mid-life crisis found no solace in cars or bikes.  Cars I didn’t much like, purely a functional A to B tool, and could never conjour up more excitement that than.  Motorbikes well to be honest, just scared the life out of me – the result of a teenage escapade involving a lambretta I suspect.  No I instead developed a thing about power tools – mostly the Bosch Tools.   So whilst my colleagues were doing something exciting I’d spend my lunch hour looking at a power lathe or new drill.  Fortunately this sad obsession soon started to fade, primarily as my wife expected me to actually use these items productively.  That was not part of the deal!!


I wrote this over a year ago, and now my life has changed even more, the tools are being used now as I’ve moved to a little town on the US/Canadian border.  I’m actually enjoying my new found DIY skills and the pace of life is much less frenetic here.  There are a couple of things I don’t like, way too much temptation in eating the wrong food and I can’t get used to American TV with the ‘in  your face’ advertising.  The second I managed to fix by using a Canadian proxy server, which I found here meaning I can watch Canadian TV rather than the US stuff –

The junk food problem is a little more difficult as I genuinely love the stuff and it’s every where here! I guess my next step is to find some will power.


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Quit That 9-5 Job

Born in 1968

If you were born about the same time as me, you’ve probably had a pretty long working life.  For the average person that’s quite a few 9 to 5 days, a load of interviews, a heap of departmental re-organisations.  That’s not to mention the sages, the pay freezes or rises and the arguments with the boss.  Perhaps, just maybe it’s now time to do something different.  For me it’s happened about 2 years ago when I quit the normal working day routine and started making a living online.  I claim no special talents or insights although I am quite focussed when I sense an opportunity.

My opportunity appeared to be online, I was reading one of the many websites concerned with people making money using the internet and suddenly tried to try it out.   My master plan wasn’t very clever in retrospect but at the time it did work to some extent.  I signed up for an Amazon affiliate account and a Google Adwords account and combined them.  I wrote adverts and paid for them in Adwords for the top selling TVs on Amazon’s site. Each sale earnt me a decent commission and largely outwieighed the costs of the advertising – it was literally money for nothing.

But then the price of the adverts started to climb as more and more people did the same thing.  Suddenly the profits fell and sometimes became losses when Amazon would raise the price or run out of stock half way through an ad run.  My next revelation was to use social media to push people into my amazon sites – after reading this post – I tried some new techniques and they worked too.  There are literally thousands of ways to earn money online, the internet is a huge opportunity for our generation.  

Of course it’s not all plain sailing, the online world is perpetually in flux.  Something will work one week and be completely pointless the next, money can be gained and lost very quickly.  However you are your own boss and your fate is controlled by your own actions and not anyone else’s.  That’s worth it for me – it might be for you – try Googling ’Internet Marketing’ to get started.


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Born in 1982

It amazes me how many experiences and tough experiences one must go through in order to mature and fully realize its potential. Well, I must say that my experience happened when I backpacked across Europe and Australia for 2 years. That trip taught me more in two years than I ever learned back home for ore than 25 years.

You see, when you leave your home and your precious belonging like clothes, gadgets, even maybe some fancy stuff like some kitchen stuff that you might have bought (I got a beautiful immersion blender that I bought through this site here and how I miss that one!), you realize that you don’t need all that stuff to survive out there.

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine about those issues and she happened to mention that she didn’t think she would have enough money to travel like that or even to live abroad for a long period.

Then I said that she was missing is that when you travel, you end up spending way less than you would back home. Not just because you might live in a cheaper country, but also because you simply can’t carry all those clothes and shoes that she loved to buy back home.

The road forces you to simplify everything – and there lies some of the biggest lessons in life!


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My Introduction To Smokeless Cigarettes

Born In 1968:

I remember there not being so much of a taboo to smoking when I was growing up in the late seventies, early eighties. It seemed like everyone smoked and not only that but you could do it wherever you wanted! The local newsagent used to have a an ashtray next to his till that was constantly full and every time I saw him he always had a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. It didn’t really come as much of a surprise to me looking back that I tried my first cigarette at the age of 14, looking back it was quite a normal thing to do, all the kids were doing it.

What seemed so harmless at the time though did end up being a 27 year habit, one that thanks to The Safe Cig coupon code and electronic cigarettes I have now managed to kick the habit. It’s never too late to stop smoking and improve your health!


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Website templates defining the 21st century

Born in 1990

Even with huge modifications in the way customers are performed nowadays, and the advance of whole new industrial sectors on account of technological innovations such as the web. 21st century possess remained on the whole reasonably the same since the coming of the non-public laptop or computer. Presentations need to have not be completed in flipcharts or black/white boards because laptop or computer presentations connected to electronic projectors offer you more visually produced along with rapidly recalled alternate options.

Although the typical 21st century office set-up may well be if at all possible fitted to several agencies, it’s not automatically the best option solution for most businesses, neither would it be in the slightest the case those corporations whose functions would likely prospectively operate much more efficiently utilizing a diverse work area design always need to cohere towards the classic place of work template. This specific open up prepare method of work place in addition has meant you’ll find a lesser number of cases of distinct managing office buildings in more forward-thinking offices- by having a number of levels of the firm hierarchy doing work in the same room, connection is a lot easier.

The growth of digital advertising offers triggered the development of a vast number of companies that utilize modern day technology: no matter whether that is the image design factor, web design templates, internet search engine optimization- or perhaps a variety of other new advertising oriented industrial sectors. Not just use a large number of these businesses distributed together with classic business dress, but in addition embraced a new new way of businesses itself. Certainly companies during these career fields need pcs and also other power computer hardware nevertheless they took any radical method of the other areas of the office, doing away with those obsolete fixtures and fittings which in turn elegance much more old offices as well as earning vivid variations as well as modern day arrangements.



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Born in 1975

I was born in 1975 and got married when I was 25 years old. Our wedding was very simple yet beautiful. There were only a few guests; only our close relatives and friends were invited. Unfortunately, the parents of my husband were not able to come because his father was ill. I haven’t met them before because my husband and I are so busy with our careers and don’t have enough time to visit. So you see I was really hoping I’ll meet them during our wedding but it did not happen.

A few months after, my parents-in-law decided to visit us. I was very happy that finally, I will be able to meet the parents of my husband. Before the day of their coming, I made sure that everything was clean and in place. I wanted to give a good impression. I even planned to cook something special.

On the day that they finally came, everything was going fine until my cat littered in the sofa. My mother-in-law was very angry and said that I don’t know how to prevent my cat from littering anywhere.

After they were gone, I called my friend and told her about what happened. Then she told me to use and since then, I never had any problem.

Anyway, that is one post-marriage incident that I can never forget. I’m sure every individual has some or the good/bad memorable incident in his/her life. What matters is that I learned from it. As they say, experience is the best teacher.


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Tarnished Silver Promise Rings from the Past

Born in <1975>

 I turned 37 on the 12th of January and made no plans to celebrate being a year older aside from turning off my mobile phone and taking a hot bubble bath. That’s where I was when the messenger arrived. Wrapped in a towel, water slithering down my back, a puddle forming below my toes, I stood at the front door and signed for the package. There was no card, just a small black box that looked a hundred years old. Inside were two rings – both hand-hammered silver bands, tarnished, almost black with age. I was wet and cold, but the shiver that ran through me wasn’t due to either one.

 It was 1983. I was eight, he was eleven. I had lived in Grenada for two years, he had lived on the Caribbean island all his life, but he said the only ones that had mattered were the two we’d spent together, swimming, sunbathing, chasing sand crabs and lizards, collecting seashells, sharing bits of conch meat with lemon and salt, sucking on coconut popsicles and repairing our small wooden canoe. Every day after school we’d worked hard, filling holes, scrubbing, sanding, painting, and finally testing it on the sea. That’s where he held my hand for the first time, and where one sunny afternoon he asked me to marry him…someday…. When? He’d have to make his fortune first and that would probably take until he was forty, at least that’s what he said. I said that would make me terribly old because when he turned 40 I’d be…. 37. He kissed my cheek and asked me to wait. I hadn’t replied. A few days later we met on the beach to collect shells to decorate our canoe, but he hadn’t brought a bag for shells just a small black box. Inside were two hand-hammered silver promise rings. He said he’d traded them for work sanding a canoe. I said it was all for nothing because I wasn’t allowed to wear jewelry. It wasn’t for nothing, he said. We could hide them in our canoe and wear when them when we were together. But we weren’t near our canoe or wearing our promise rings when the island was invaded on the 25th of October. We suddenly found ourselves in opposite worlds. My family and I were evacuated. He remained and I never saw him again.

I stood there, still dripping, wrapped in my bath towel. The messenger had gone and I was alone, running my fingers over the tarnished silver promise rings. That’s when I noticed they were engraved. Inside each band was a roughly scratched date – January 12, 2012. Beside the date in one ring was the number 40. The other ring had a 37.



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Back to My Garden at Last

Born in 1978

For years I have watched parents, grandparents and their friends toiling away in the garden.  To be honest I never really understood why anyone would waste their time when they could be doing something more interesting.  Slowly though I began to appreciate a quiet glass of wine whilst watching the sun going down or the starlings circling over head.

Of course then came the children and my garden was transformed into an outdoor activity centre, goalposts were placed, bouncy castles errected and the shed filled with plastic toys and vehicles.  Needless to say this was not a time to plant expensive shrubs or cultivate borders of delicate flowers of any sort.  But it what it lacked in beauty it more than  made up with laughter at least.   

But now my garden is beginning to draw me in again.  It has become a quiet, peaceful place again, the remaining child prefering his Xbox to a mad game of croquet.  Unfortunately the garden is a bit of a mess and all my garden tools seemed to have disappeared.  The only tools I seem to have left are bright yellow and made out of plastic. 

Anyway I don’t have a huge budget so I had to minimize the cost of replacing all my tools.  I shopped around for ages for a lawnmower, there seems to be hundreds of them now.  My first instinct was to check out the hover type mowers which I used to see in the 70s and 80s – they looked a good idea but were always hopeless.  After reading a few reviews I found that the general concensus was that they were still rubbish.  In the end I managed to find a great little mower from the gardening review site – Best Lawnmower Reviews.  As for the rest I settled for a spade and my gardening friend suggested that a great multi-purpose tool was the garden hoe.  I bought one for ten bucks and that was me sorted.

I can’t say I’m going to spend as many hours gardening as my parents did, but it’s a great way to unwind after a stressful desk based job.  And of course I can now enjoy my evening glass of wine in relative peace and quiet!


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Wine….Born in 1979

Born in 1979

It wasn’t easy to dig out data about wine that was grown back in the 1970’s.  The modern vineyard chart wasn’t really born until much later, so we’ve been stuck with someone trying to fill in the data based on assumptions and inuendo.

That being said, a few things come to mind when we talk about wine in the year of my birth, 1979.

1) 1979 was a good year to give a wine gift

2) 1979 was not the most easily characterized vintage.  It was overall a good vintage, but the wines from premier growing regions like Bordeaux were not considered to be truly age worthy.  Instead they were ready to drink immediately.

That’s interesting and will continue to hold back wines from my birth year from being considered among the best ever.  At the end of day, not every vintage can be 2009 in Bordeaux.


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How Electronic Music has Evolved from the 1980s Synthesizers to Current Techno Music

The 1980s featured a wide spectrum of music genres from Rock, Pop, Disco, Country, Blues, Punk, and New Wave Music. This era also marked the creative use of music synthesizers that added that certain identity that only the 80’s music era was able to capture. Music could be heard from homes, malls, and restaurants, giving that party feel. For the best nightlife tips and club reviews of Amsterdam, check this web site:

The 80’s was the start of fusion and reinvention. It was the time when music evolved into a fusion of two genres, such as Pop-Rock and Country-Rock. About same time restaurants started including in their menus, fusion restaurant cuisine which a combination of influences from two traditional cuisines served as one dish. With the advent of fusion, came reinvention. By the late 80’s, music started to branch out to several genres giving birth to other types of music such as alternative, hip-hop, grunge, and techno.

Alongside came the change of themes on restaurants and clubs. Establishments once considered in the 80’s as restaurant and party clubs evolved into dance hubs that featured a new form of music that made use of synthesizers and gadgets to create techno music. Despite of the change, good food was still served, as always. Techno dance party venues still maintained that restaurant quality food that was once served. 


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